Procedure to get Family Visa in Qatar

Here are the documents required and steps for applying for a family visa in Qatar.


1.     A form to be filled in from the typing center.
2.     NOC letter from the company you are working.
3.     Employment Contract
4.     House Contract/Lease Agreement
5.     Electricity and Water Receipt.
6.     Marriage Certificate attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
7.     Education Certificate attested by Ministry of External Affairs.
8.     Six Month Bank Statement with minimum salary of Qr.10,000 per month
9.     Passport copy of the dependent (Wife)
10.   Passport copy of the sponsor.
11.   Visa page
12.   Copy of Qatar ID

  • Submit the above documents in Garaffa Immigration at Gate No.3
  • They will give you a receipt.
  • You can check the status on after 2 days
  • in the above site there is a link called inquiries where you will find an link of visa tracking and approval.
  • a window will open up which will ask you to fill in the column of Application NO, date of application and Sponsor ID.
  • At the end of the page there will be two icon.. Resident and Visit. You will have to click on visit because visit will be turned to Resident.
  • If the application is approved you can pay the fees at any service center showing the receipt you got when you applied.
  • If the application is rejected, visit Garaffa immigration (gate 3) and request for a meeting with the visa approval committee. at times they themselves will give a meeting date without our request. this happens when your documents are ok.
  • take a copy of the receipt as they will keep the original receipt with them and give the copy on which they will mention the meeting date
  • If there is no serious problem with your submitted documents after their scrutiny they will give a appointment date with the visa approval committee.
  • The main reason they are calling for a meeting is to see the sponsor, so when you go be confident and well dressed.
  • With the copy of the receipt you will have to enter Gate No.4, first floor. take the token and wait for your turn.
  • The committee will ask you simple question like what is your qualification, what is your profession. this is simply asked to check how you communicate. Keep a set of documents you submitted and all the copies of your education certificates. they will not ask but it is good to keep it with you.
  • They might ask you to check after three days. If everything is ok, you will get the approval on the very next day.
  • If the visa is approved you will get a message on your mobile. Ensure that you have registered your mobile in METRASH. (METRASH is a service provided by MOI thru which all the message related to immigration will be received on your mobile)
  • Visit nearest service center and pay the fees and you will get a receipt of visa.

Procedures after approval of Visa.

  • With the receipt visit the Medical commission at Messamair.
  • The female section is on the right hand side as you enter the main gate.
  • Visit the building No 2 where the resident (wife) will have to get her medical check up.
  • Give your Debit card for the payment which will cost you Qr.100 .
  • After which they will do the blood tested and  X-ray (both sealed on your Receipt) .
  • Then she needs to meet the Doctor to get the sign and seal who sits in Room no.2 .
  • From there she has to go to Room No.7 where they will enter the details in the system.
  • Ask the lady there by when it will be updated , if she says its done only then you need to go to the Messaimear Immigration and get your finger prints registered. Or else they might ask to wait for 2-3 days.

Finger print registration

  • The finger print section is outside the main office, near to the parking lot.
  • Firstly , you need to collect a form from the Men’s Finger print section.
  • Then go to the women’s finger print section and get your finger prints registered .  They will tell you to wait for 2-3 days for getting update of the same.
  • After which you have to come again to the Messaimear Immigration and submit the filled for form with both your signatures to the respective counters where you will receive your Pataka.


Thanks to Mr. Majo Mathew Qatar Living

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