How to get an international driving permit in Qatar

Are you planning to drive while you traveling to another country? If you think you are going to a place with a poor transportation system, it is probably a great idea to get an international driving permit.

You can just rent a car and stop worrying about getting to places. If you’re travelling from Qatar, you can get one from some travel agencies or maybe even car rentals.



You can also apply for one at Qatar Automobile and Touring Club. They are the sole authority to issue International Driving Permit and Carnet de passages (Trip Tickets) in Qatar.


Qatar Automobile and Touring Club is located on C-Ring Road opposite to Doha Petrol Station between Doha Cinema intersection and Toyota intersection. It should be on your right, just a few meters away from the Gulf Times office. Here’s a map if you need precise directions (25°15’51.2″N 51°32’44.1″E). The star mark is QATC.



– You will need a valid Qatari driving license (since you’re applying for it in Qatar)

– Two passport-size photographs

– QAR 100 (Only at QATC)




It is simple. Get to the office during their working hours (7 am to noon, 3 pm to 6pm). Give your driver’s license and two photographs to one of the agents. Pay QAR100 (cash only) when the agent asks for it. He will return your Qatar driver’s license. You now have a permit (valid for a year) to drive almost anywhere in the world.

It takes literally 5 minutes for them to process your request, and no forms to fill out. The agents take care of everything for you.



You can also apply for an international driving permit at Al Muftah Car Rental, but it will cost you QAR350 there.

Here’s what it looks like:


Enjoy your trip everyone, and drive safe.


Content from Qatar Living and Thanks to Mr. Mohdnoor


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