How to get Visa for a New Born Baby

1) Go to Hamad Women’s hospital outpatient department’s 3rd floor to apply for the baby’s birth certificate.

2) There is a small form to fill which is available at the spot. Documents needed for the Birth certificate are passport copies of parents, id (RP) copies of parents and attested marriage certificate. Take original documents if possible as most of them were asked for it.

3) Make sure you fill all details properly. The name you give in the application form will be used in the Birth certificate which will be later used in the passport.

4) If the baby is born in Hamad, take the 2 cards given by them (given to you after the baby is born). one is a vaccination card which is yellow / green in color. Im not sure about the other card.

5) If you baby is not born at Hamad, you will need to bring the information from the hospital where he/she was born.

6) If your wife is under husband sponsorship OR if both husband and wife are under same company sponsorship, They will accept the form. Pay QR 20 for each certificate (Its an original one). You can choose either Arabic / English Version. Most people take 2 copies of the certificate.

7) If the husband and wife are working for different sponsors, the application will be accepted and you will be asked to collect the birth certificate from the CID. The CID is located on Abu Samra road.

8) Proceed to your Embassy and apply for a passport.

9) Once you get the passport, proceed to immigration office for the visa. You can go to Gharaffa, Madinat Khalifa or Meseimeer for RP (these are the only 3 i know of).

10) Documents needed are: Mother and Father Passport copies, ID copies (or RP copies), copy of birth certificate, copy of marriage certificate and Photographs (Keep a couple of them). Take the originals of documents along as well as they might ask for it. There is an application form to be filled and is available at the spot as well.

11) Give the documents to the officer. They charged me 400 QR for a 2 year visa.

That’s it

After that below info is to make Health and green card for baby;

After RP Stamping to baby, go to Messaimer Health Centre

for green card (Vaccine Card).

1. Take Passport + RP Copy

Health Card..

Go to nearest health centre with green card for health card apply:

1. Kharamaa bill + Passport copy(Baby)

2. Photo

3. QR 100/-

Health card will be issued ..

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