How to get a Qatar Residence for Spouse

The entire process was rather tiring and unpleasant, mainly for the lack of accurate information. Hence, I’ve tried to be as detailed as possible and truly hope that my personal experience would help others.

*Please note that the information below is applicable only for those under husband’s sponsorship and the process may differ for others.

Step 1: Before arriving to Doha International Airport you need to have a print out of the resident visa.

After passing passport control you will have a sticker  in your passport with visa number and a stamp which states that within 7 working days from the day of entry the bearer should appear at specialized authority ( i.e. medical examination)

Step 2: Firstly, if your husband is not yet registered on the official government website in order to receive mobile notifications ( i. e. Metrash for individuals), he needs to do so. Please note that the mobile number and ID number should be registered under same name.

Step 3: On the first working day (Sunday to Thursday) go for the medical check up which consists of two parts: blood test for HIV, Hepatitis B&C, and X Ray screening for Tuberculosis ( not performed if pregnant, however will be sent to undertake pregnancy test).

I advise you to perform the medical at authorized public hospital (Hamad Medical Corporation) rather than private ones ( Al Ahli Hospital, Doha Clinic Hospital, Al Emadi Haspital) due to cost difference ( 100QR vs aprx 700 QR)

When there go to the family section. You should have with you original passport, copy of the residence permit (with the phone number written on the copy which has been registered earlier for Metrash) and credit/ debit card ( payments in cash are not accepted).

After presenting these documents at the reception you’ll be sent to cashier where you’ll need to pay a fee of 100 QR and your photo will be taken right there. Further, you also will be given a form and the receipt with which you are now ready to undertake all necessary examinations.

After 3 working days you’ll receive a text message after which you can proceed for the next step.

Step 4: The main branch of the Ministry of Interior where you need to undertake fingerprints is located on Salwa Road off the Industrial area flyover and open  Sunday to Thursday from 7-12 am and 15-19pm. Go to female section.

In my case I didn’t know that I have to registered for Metrash in order to print out forms or track medical examination result, so I just went there 5 working days after medical examination and have been given the form for the fingerprints from the VIP section. With the original passport, copy of the resident permit  and the form ( which you don’t need to fill up) you are ready for the fingerprinting. The service is free.

Step 5: Two working days after fingerprints and/or mobile notification you are ready for the final step. You’ll need one picture on blue background ( 8pc for 20QR, the size is written on the picture box on the fingerprint form), blood group test ( can be done at any local hospital).

Take the form to any printing office and for a small fee (5QR) they’ll fill it up ( must be in arabic). Make sure you present your passport or copy along  with the blood group certificate in order to avoid any mistakes. At the typing office you’ll be asked if you want to renew the RP each year or have it done for the time of the visa validity. The price for one year is 500QR, however if you decide to have your RP and ID to be valid for the duration of the visa I believe that some kind of discount system is applicable.

Sign the form in the signature box ( must be in black ink) and have “sponsor’s signature” box signed by your husband.

Take the original passport, fingerprints form duly filled and signed with attached photo, blood group test result, copy of the sponsor’s ID (husband’s) and you are ready to present these at the immigration office. I personally had my stamping done at main Immigration Branch ( Gharafa), however if you decide to do it at any other branch (except Mesaimeer) you’ll need to present the original ID of the sponsor (husband).

At the Immigration office  (Gharafa) go to entrance number two, proceed to the reception area to receive a token, go to the female waiting area and wait for your turn. Next, proceed to the counter submit the documents, make the payment ( again only credit/debit cards, no cash payments). After that you’ll be asked to wait for 5 min after which your passport along with the ID card will be given back. The picture on your ID card will be the one that you’ve submitted on the form.

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