How to convert family visit visa to residence visa

Are you looking for a guide on how to convert a family visit visa to a permanent residence visa in Qatar? You’re in luck because all you need to know is right here.

This is the current process/documents required to apply for a family visa:

1. Get a salary letter from employer – salary overall to be minimum 10000 QAR.

2. Company NOC dated within the last 3 months.

3. Copy of your passport and work visa page.


4. Copy of your education certificate attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA) of your country and Qatar embassy in your country. They may also demand for Arabic translation attested by MOFA of your country and Qatar embassy in your country. If it’s not in English then translation is a must.

5. Wife’s and kids passport copy

6. Marriage Certificate attested by MOFA of your country and Qatar embassy in your country. If it’s not in English then translation must be attested by MOFA and Qatar embassy in your country.

7. Child(s) Birth Certificate(s) attested by MOFA and Qatar embassy in your country. If it’s not in English then translation must be attested by MOFA and Qatar embassy in your country.

8. Rent agreement duly attested by municipality (municipality shall require another set of documents like copy of title, copy of owner QID, layout etc. for stamping)

9. Six months bank statement mandatory for private firm stamped by bank official (CBQ charge 60 QAR for that Stamp)

10. Job Contract letter signed by both parties and stamped by Ministry of Labor. This will be done by your company so no need to worry about that.


Here’s the complete process [Note: It’s a lengthy process, be patient]

1. Go to Medical commission with the entry visa and get the medical done. The receipt will say “Visa Extension”. You will be charged QAR 100 (If your family is on visit visa and want RP) Normally for kids they don’t do medical they will just charge 100 QAR per kids and add in report as fit.

2. After 2 days, check the status on this medical commission website. The result should say fit.

3. Go to immigration office with the application form and all the required documents to office Gate 3 (located in Madinat Khalifa/Gharaffa). Submit all the documents. It’s always better to go between 6am to 9am.

After 4 days, check on MOI website for the status. Initially, the application status will appear as ‘Application is Under review’ and when the application is accepted, the status will be updated to ‘Under Process’ without expiry date.

Then the status will again be changed to ‘Under Process’ with an expiry date. Finally the application status is updated to ‘Ready to Print’. Usually this whole process takes 2 to 3 working days and sometime 10 to 15 days.

4. Once the status is ‘Ready to print’, go to Immigration office again at Gate 1 with the document submission receipt.

5. You will be charged QAR 200 for converting visit visa to residence visa and QAR 500 for getting visa without exiting Qatar (you can choose to get visa by exiting to avoid QAR 500).

6. Go to Medical commission and present the paper visa and tell them you need to do a medical to convert visit visa to residence visa. There’s no need to take your family with you as no medical checkup will be done again.

You will be charged QAR 100 again and the receipt will mention the purpose as ‘Residence / Work visa’. Go to counter 64 where the officer will update his system so that the medical data will be sent to finger print office.


7. Go to the finger printing office at Mesaimer with all your receipts and get the finger prints done. Make sure to collect the finger print receipt.

8. After 4 days, go to Immigration office Gate 2 with all the documents and passport size photographs. If you forgot to get the finger print receipt then you will be directed to fill an application form. There is a counter available in Gate 2 where a person will help you fill out the form in Arabic and give you instructions.

Also, make sure to have a blood group report with you of your wife from any medical clinic/hospital in Qatar. You will be charged QAR 500 for one year RP. An eye scan will be required so make sure to take your wife along with you. Be at the office 6am – 9am or 3pm – 4 pm.

Hopefully this info will help whoever is planning to convert their visit visa to residence permit. Bookmark this page so you can refer back to it later.


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