How to change profession in Qatar ID card – RP

One of the biggest issue and challenge faced by many expats in Qatar is their profession in the Visa. Wrong profession in visa (RP) can be effected in many ways, including privileges from banks and official institutions, Visa on arrival facility, arrange family visa and so on.

All working expats in Qatar must have a valid Residence Permit which should contain the profession of the employee clearly mentioned in it. The profession / expats initially having different profession in their RP due to many reason which can changed later on if you have supporting documents and follow the procedure.

To do so, first you will have to visit the Ministry Of Interior website;; and download the “Application for Modifying Residents’ Details” form (link below) and fill it out with your personal information, your current and new profession, and your sponsor information. Then you will sign it and your company’s authorized signatory has to sign & stamp it as well.

Download the form here

Once properly filled out, the form will be submitted along with your Passport, Passport copy and ID to the Labor Department for validation and approval. Once approved, your Residence Permit will be re-printed on your Passport reflecting the new profession.

The Department of Labor regulates the procedures to amend the profession in accordance with the form filled by those who wish to modify or change their profession.

In these procedures, the concerned person will submit a letter to the management of the administrative affairs of the company in which he works requesting the amendment of the name mentioned in the identity card with the real name with which he was appointed and what correspondents to the functional task which he performs in the company.

On the basis of this letter, the management will prepare a new work contract for the employee with the new profession and two copies of the certificate will be issued for the person who is concerned with the correct name.

The company will fill up the form designed to amend the profession and get the required signatures on the contract and the attached letters as well as the form by the director of the company who is authorized to sign and the papers will be enclosed with the photocopies of the academic degrees obtained by the employee and a personal photo.

The contract will be certified by the Department of Labor and the form as well as the attached papers will be submitted to the Department of Labor by the employee who is concerned with the matter personally or through the company’s representative.

The matter will be reviewed with the Department of Labor in order to take appropriate action after verifying the authenticity of the request and then the procedure will be completed in the Department of Expatriates’ Affairs until the amendment of the professional name is done in the identity card and work visa with the passport after paying the prescribed fees.

Documents required for Changing ID Profession:

  1. Application Form for Profession Change
  2. NOC & ID copy of the authorized signatory
  3. ID copy of the applicant
  4. Educational certificate
    • Translated in Arabic
    • Attested by the ministry of foreign affairs and respective embassy in Qatar
    • Minimum Degree for Manager – Graduate
  5. Existing Employment Contract
  6. New Employment Contract (1 original + 3 copies) company stamped & signed by both parties
  7. Valid Municipality License copy
  8. Valid Commercial Registration copy
  9. Electricity Bill (Applicant’s)
  10. Salary Certificate from Company
  11. Six months Bank Statement

Once you have all these, all what you have to do is submit these in Ministry of Labor and wait for the approval.

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  1. A suseenthirakumar

    What documents need change occupation id Labour to driver I work since 2013 so my occupation is Labour I want change to driver is this possible

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